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Caixas de ferramentas

Exploring new funding approaches for civil society.

05 Novembro 2020

This toolkit is for civil society networks and organisations interested in improving their practices around funding, financial sustainability and in influencing the donors supporting them. Watch the video where Forus, SPONG, InterAction and Bond share their experiences on accessing funding as NGO networks here:

UnMute campaign

03 Julho 2020

This year UN High-Leval Political Forum will take place on July 7-6. For the first time forum will be completely virtual. Forus would like to invite you to join the #UNmute campaign and to paricipate to our social media actions.

Guidelines for CSO shadow reports monitoring the implementation of Agenda 2030 at national level

01 Julho 2018

Developed by the Secretariat with inputs from Forus members the purpose of these guidelines is to assist CSOs in producing effective shadow reports to monitor their government’s implementation of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development at a national level. The document is intended as a helpful set of guidelines that can be drawn upon by CSOs who want to know how to develop and use their Shadow Reports so as to influence the implementation of Agenda 2030 in their countries.

Everything you need to know about the VNR process

01 Junho 2018

The purpose of this Forus Briefing Document: “Everything you need to know about the VNR process” is to provide a useful introduction to, and links for VNR-related resource materials. The Briefing Document also aims to share with you the experiences of CSOs in other countries who have engaged with their government’s VNR process, and to help you to identify best practice.

Checklist - Is your NGO ready to monitor and implement SDGs

01 Junho 2018

This checklist is aimed at NGOs who are engaging with the monitoring and implementation of the SDGs. Its purpose is to try to help NGOs to be more effective through being more systematic in the way that they approach areas such as capacity development, cross-sectoral collaboration, public awareness raising, engaging with governments and many others.

Kit de ferramentas de advocacia - influenciando a agenda de desenvolvimento Pós-2015

18 Junho 2018

Desenvolvimento Sustentável 2015 (DS2015), um programa de engajamento multistakeholder dirigido por Stakeholder Forum e CIVICUS, em colaboração com a UN DESA. O programa DS2015 tem como objetivo aumentar a participação dos stakeholders no processo para negociar um novo quadro global para erradicar a pobreza através do desenvolvimento sustentável, conhecido como a Agenda de desenvolvimento pós-2015. O DS2015 fornece ferramentas e oportunidades para todos os stakeholders contribuir dentro da agenda e ajudar a construir um futuro mais sustentável, através de cinco áreas de foco: a sensibilização; o aumento do engajamento; a capacitação dos stakeholders; a coordenação da advocacia; e o fortalecimento da governança.