by Penelope Hubert - Forus

Assassinations against members of Colombian civil society have multiplied since the beginning of 2020. International organizations are now demanding an effective and immediate response from the Colombian government to end the escalating violence in the country.

The current health crisis and the weak implementation of the Peace Agreement signed 4 years ago are resulting into a deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the country, particularly in rural areas and the Pacific region, where armed groups exercise territorial control and continue intimidating the most vulnerable members of civil society: "Massacres have always been used to sow fear in the civilian population and to facilitate the dispossession and appropriation of land as well as territorial and demographic control of the different parties in the armed conflict."

The maing victims of this humanitarian crisis are African descendants, indigenous peoples, women and children. 
Therefore, the CCNGO demands "an end to the violence and, in memory of the victims of the recent massacres, we demand justice: no impunity in the investigation of cases. We denounce and publicly oppose the accusations, the stigmatization and the lack of protection of those who continually suffer threats and persecution".

The CCNGO Platform calls on the Colombian government to fully assume its role in guaranteeing human rights and to take the necessary measures for the protection of the most vulnerable populations in order to halt the deterioration of the humanitarian situation: "the departments where the massacres are taking place are also the most affected by other consequences of the internal armed conflict. Between January and July, 18,650 people have been uprooted from their homes in 62 mass displacement events".

photo: Both Nomads