The launch starts at 1:00 pm GMT on Wednesday 31, March.

(London 2:00 pm Bogota 8:00 am Santiago 10:00 am Lusaka 3:00 pm New Delhi 6:30 pm Bangkok 8:00 pm Seoul 10:00 pm New York 9:00 am)

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About the report

The Progressing National SDGs Implementation report provides an independent analysis of reporting by the United Nations Member States to the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF). Supported by a coalition of civil society organizations from around the world and prepared by Cooperation Canada, the report examines the current status of 2030 Agenda implementation, unpacks trends in reporting and identifies good practices.

This year’s report will showcase positive trends with respect to reporting on partnerships, including the role played by civil society, and policy coherence. However, it also underlines the continued silence by Member States in Voluntary National Review (VNR) reports on closing of the civic space, as well as the lack of reference to national accountability mechanisms. Moreover, this year’s report discusses the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on overall implementation of the sustainable development goals.  

About the webinar

The interactive webinar will outline key findings from the report and offer reflections from global and national civil society organizations on the findings. Join the global launch for insights on opportunities for engagement by civil society and other stakeholders at the HLPF and in VNR processes in 2021.


1.00-1.07pm Introduction

1.07-1.15pm Opening remarks

  • Moderators: Sarah Strack, Director of Forus / Philipp Schönrock, Director of CEPEI

1.15-1.47pm First panel: Presentation of results, reactions to the findings, inputs on improving VNRs quality

  • 1.15-1.22pm Speaker 1 - Results of the report / key findings: Ana de Oliveira, Researcher at Cooperation Canada
  • 1.22-1.27pm Speaker 2: Carlos Berrozpe García - European Commission, Director-General for International Partnerships, Team leader on global dimension of SDG implementation
  • 1.27-1.32pm Speaker 3: Christian Schläpfer, Permanent Mission of Switzerland
  • 1.32-1.37pm Speaker 4: Office of Intergovernmental Support and Coordination for Sustainable Development, UN DESA (TBC)
  • 1.37-1.42pm Speaker 5: Ms. Marja Innanen, Deputy Secretary General of the national SD Commission, Finland
  • 1.42-1.47pm Speaker 6: Stephen Odhiambo, Director of Planning, Government of Kenya

1.47-2.15pm Second Panel discussion – National level actors share national experiences of the VNR process and best practices 

  • 1.47-1.54pm Speaker 1: Precious (Zambia) / with Save the Children, UK
  • 1.54-2.01pm Speaker 2: Jannatul Mouwa, Action Aid, Bangladesh
  • 2.01-2.08pm Speaker 3: Rosario Garavito, Executive Director of The Millennials Movement, Peru
  • 2.08-2.15pm Speaker 4: Agustina Carpio, Coordinator of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, PAMPA2030, Argentina

2.15-2.40pm Third Panel discussion – International level actors react to what they have heard, and answer specific questions related to the policy briefs

  • 2.15-2.19pm Speaker 1: on civic space - Deirdre de Burca, Advocacy Coordinator, Forus
  • 2.19-2.24pm Speaker 2: on LNOB - Lilei ChowPolicy and Advocacy Adviser, Save the Children, UK
  • 2.24-2.29pm Speaker 3: on COVID-19 - Javier Surasky, Governance for Development Area Coordinator, CEPEI
  • 2:29-2:34pm Speaker 4: on gender - Jennifer Williams, Director of Programs, Sightsavers, UK
  • 2:34-2.40pm Response to the briefings - Nicolas Nahimana, UN ECA

2.40-2.55pm Q&A

2.55-3.00pm The way forward, Closing remarks

  • Speaker: Philipp Schönrock, Director of CEPEI

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