By Abdéramane Cissé, CSCI Communications Officer

Communication is a priority for the Ivorian Civil Society Convention (CSCI), as reflected in the initiatives taken as part of the project entitled "Support for strengthening the communication system and the mobilisation of its members". The project consolidated the CSCI's strategic position. 

Following a diagnostic analysis of the CSCI's communication system, some shortcomings were identified. The implementation of the project has greatly contributed to reducing these weaknesses. In this way, significant results have been obtained, particularly with regard to taking into account the expectations of member CSOs in relation to the CSCI's internal and external communications; strengthening the capacity of member CSOs and management bodies in terms of internal and external communication; developing a communication plan; building a dynamic website and enhancing the reputation of the CSCI. 

The CSCI is delighted to have achieved this milestone. Member organisations of this umbrella body are also pleased to see that their needs in relation to the circularity of information have been considered. This circularity is found in top-down, bottom-up and horizontal communications. The messages shared with them focused on operational and motivational information. We note that all staff, the 10 thematic committees and the 33 regional groups were involved in the activities initiated by their umbrella organisation and particularly as part of the COVID-19 awareness campaign. 

This internal communication campaign has also had an external impact on several sectors, especially the media. Journalists have been invited on several occasions to provide media coverage of more than 10 events. They helped increase the visibility of these events. Overall, more than 20 articles have been published or broadcast in Ivorian daily newspapers or on online press websites. As regards the audio-visual press, more than 25 programs, radio or television reports have been broadcast. This media campaign has achieved its aims in terms of impact, as there are now greater links between foreign media and the CSCI. This is the case with Morocco's Medi TV, the Voice of Germany and the Voice of America which, during this period, approached the CSCI for reports or interviews.