Mr. Hum Bhandari, NGO Federation (Nepal) 

The second and third rounds of discussions of the Nepal SDGs Forum on the preparation of Civil Society Report on Voluntary National Review (VNR) of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were held at the office of NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN) in Buddhanagar, Kathmandu, on 2 January 2020 and 6 February 2020. Member organizations of Nepal SDGs Forum, including SDGs conveners and co-conveners, Major Groups and Stakeholders participated in these meetings. 

Nepal SDGs Forum is only officially recognized and representing platform on the National Steering Committee and all thematic Committee of SDGs implementation mechanism of the government of Nepal. Now, more than 50 federations and alliance and over 500 organizations are members across the country representing civil society federations, networks and organizations; development partners including UN and INGOs; National Planning Commission (NPC), and the development activists. 

Aimed at contributing to accelerate the implementation of 2030 Agenda, and in this process to underscore priorities and concerns of civil society or of the poor, vulnerable and marginalized communities with a further specific focus, the meeting has developed a common understanding about going forward and coming up with a consolidated report of the civil society or CSOs in Nepal.   

The second meeting Nepal SDGs Forum focused particularly on the engagement of the civil society or NGOs/CSOs in the VNR process and the role on the inclusive achievement of SDGs in general. It was highlighted that the VNR report shall be broader, 'political amalgamation' that will serve as an advocacy tool for civil society. At the same time, the commitment of the private sector to accelerate the achievement of SDGs was recognized. They also stressed that there will be other complementary reports focused on themes and goals. These supplementary reports may consist of analyses and fact sheets while avoiding duplication and overlap. 

The third meeting focused on organizations and networks work to contribute to the VNR, they agreed to share their findings and recommendations to the Nepal SDGs Forum to produce an integrated report considering a collaborative and coordinated way to build synergy. In addition, Mr Dev Raj Joshi, Program Director at NPC, shared the Government's plans and timetables for the preparation of VNR. He advised how the civil society report can be timelier and more consistent with the Government's so that the contents of the civil society report can be duly considered and be incorporated in Government's VNR report. 

The next step will be the formation of working groups and the acceleration of the process of information gathering and report writing. Interested organizations and experts are invited to contribute voluntarily to formulate this report.  

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