By Carvalho Cumbi

The Mozambican civic space is the result of a long journey made in a way that is neither linear nor simple, but rather of advances and setbacks, above all as a produced and productive practice of society. Of course, the way in which this space will be legitimized and affirmed in Mozambican society will be the product of its interaction with this society, and is therefore its reflection.


This article from JOINT suggests that to better understand the different interactions between civil society actors in Mozambique it is necessary to articulate reflection around two main themes. The first is a visit to the country's past to address the construction of civic space and its political history. The second is the path of the Mozambican civic space through the exercise of freedom of association, assembly and demonstration, and expression. The objective is to try to understand the different tensions and mutations that the civic space in Mozambique knows as well as the main factors that condition the full exercise of civic freedoms. 

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