Source : The National Association of Centres for Research, Social Progress and Development (ANC) 

The National Association of Centres for Research, Social Progress and Development (ANC) has in recent months carried out a project entitled “Connecting and Strengthening Partnerships between Strategic Sectors of Civil Society for monitoring and advocacy of the implementation of Agenda 2030 in Peru”. The project outcomes were: the “Meeting of Strategic Sectors of Civil Society at the 19th CONADES conference” which took place from 3-5 September 2018, and the “Third Civil Society Forum on Agenda 2030. Assessment of the implementation and action strategy”, held on 31 May 2019. Also, two instruments to aid the monitoring process were made available to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). 

In the course of these activities, it became clear that there was a general understanding of the Agenda and the Objectives, but little knowledge of their goals and indicators. In the light of this, the organisations were given more detailed information on these, with emphasis on the need to assimilate them in order to monitor more effectively the implementation of the agenda. And at the same time, to contextualise them to their own activities.

In terms of the latter, knowing that many CSOs focus on defending human rights and implementing international agreements and Peruvian state policies, the ANC formulated two instruments: the “Matrix for Civil Society monitoring of the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Peru” and the “Civil Society Observatory”. 
The ANC drew up the matrix and presented it at various preparatory meetings for the Third Civil Society Forum to define specifically the goals and indicators, and the information available in each of them. The matrix relates the Agenda’s objectives, goals and indicators to the human rights system, State sectors, public policies and budgetary programmes. 

The Observatory complements the Matrix in setting up coordination between the various CSO platforms so that, each in their own field, they can concentrate their efforts on joint monitoring of the SDGs. The organisations participating in the activities pledged to build up the observatory together and to work jointly on reports, alerts, and so on, which will be lodged at the observatory. Link: