A new graphic identity for the global network of 69 National NGO Platforms and 7 Regional Coalitions aimed at strengthening the role of Civil Society for real social change 

During the celebration of its 10 years of existence, and to create more impact and gain visibility, IFP-FIP became Forus. The new name and brand aim to better reflect the purpose and ambition of the network and its members.

Forus is the Latin word for bridge, it connects its members to each other and other interested parties. It is also the word for honeycomb, symbolizing unity and solidarity among the members.

The new signature "CONNECT SUPPORT INFLUENCE" reflects the main objectives and activities of the network: 

CONNECT - Improves synergies and foster collaboration; 

SUPPORT - Shares expertise and allows cooperation between peer organizations;

INFLUENCE - Promotes transformative political, economic and social change.

New ambitions and a new vision of civil society

The Third General Assembly and Forus Strategic Week took place from September 4 to 8 in Santiago, Chile. The event involved five intense days of sharing, exchange and strategic discussions with 55 national and regional members from all continents and high-level political debates organized in collaboration with the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), as well as exchange workshops, capacity-building activities for members and meetings with Chilean civil society.

Among the key partners were Audrey Séon from the French Development Agency (AFD), François-Xavier Reymond from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ruth Bajada from the Delegation of the European Union to Chile, Florencio Ceballos from the Canadian International Development Research Center (IDRC), Benjamin Bellegy from the World Wide Initiative for Donors (WINGS), Xavier Ména, Deputy Regional Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Juan Somavia, former Director General of the International Labor Organization (ILO), and Carlos Montes , President of the Senate of Chile. 

Beyond the network's 10-year celebration, the Strategic Week also allowed for a general review of collective achievements and, more importantly, strategic discussions to inform the network's directions and priorities for the 2020-2025 period.

At the end of these 5 days, strong strategic directions emerged such as strengthening solidarity within the global civil society, sharing successful experiences and challenges to the defense of an enabling environment to implement the 2030 Agenda, the model and evolution of national NGO platforms, their involvement and possible partnerships with other stakeholders, and the development of a new vision on the role of civil society and the Forus mission within this framework.

A strengthened governance to meet the challenges of tomorrow's civil society

To accompany this change, a new Council has been validated by the Assembly. A new Executive committee, under the leadership of a new Chair, composed of the following members, was elected by the Council:

  • Chair: Iara Pietricovsky (ABONG, Brazil)
  • Vice-Chairs: Saroeun Soeung (CCC, Cambodia), Rilli Lappalainen (KEHYS, Finland) and Sam Worthington (InterAction, USA)
  • Treasurer : Jean-Marc Boivin (Coordination Sud, France)

Iara Pietricovsky, newly elected head of the network is a member of the Executive Board of ABONG, the Brazilian platform, member of Forus. A passionate human rights activist, Iara has been a leader in civil society for more than 32 years. She follows many international processes, particularly the UN processes around sustainable development and social development that began in 1992, but also the issues of trade negotiations. Iara is also co-director of INESC, the Institute for Socio-Economic Studies of Brazil.

The Forus Strategic Week was a unique moment as it demonstrated the strong and uncompromising commitment of Forus members to human rights and democracy, a collective commitment to continue these struggles, at international and regional level, on behalf of Forus, for a better and more just world,

she says.

As a member of the Council and as elected President, I feel both concerned and engaged in these global struggles, regardless of the geographical location of the territory,

she adds.



About Forus

Forus is a global network of 69 national platforms and 7 regional coalitions that brings together more than 22,000 NGOs promoting political, economic and social change to create a just and sustainable world for all.


For further information, please contact:

Magda Toma - Director of Forus

magda@forus-international.org / + 33 634 78 05 04

Iara Pietricovsky - President of Forus

iarap@inesc.org.br / + 55 61 8152 2666