By CSCI, member of Forus in Ivory Coast

In September 2019, the Ivorian Civil Society Convention (CSCI) received support from FORUS to improve its communication system. 12 months after the project was carried out, significant results are visible.

1. CSO capacity building 

The CSCI's communication plan was developed in collaboration with member CSOs who first participated in two (2) training workshops on writing a communication plan. At the end of these workshops, the fifteen participants from the organisations validated the final version of the plan.

This capacity building in the field of communication is a first of its kind at the CSCI.

2. Building the CSCI's reputation 

Thanks to FORUS' support, the CSCI has acquired powerful digital tools to reinforce its visibility. With its website and the social network platforms Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the CSCI is now more visible to public policies, partners and organisations. Moreover, members can interact via the blog on the website. The organisation now has more than 3,000 subscribers across all its platforms.

3. Enhancing the CSCI's visibility

Numerous communication supports such as: kakemono, leaflet, flyer, tarpaulin and tables have been edited as part of the FORUS project. These elements reinforce the CSCI's visibility during activities because they are visuals that inform participants about the Ivorian Civil Society Convention's objectives, mission, functioning and actions.

Thus, the FORUS project has been a major contributor to elevating the CSCI's communication system. The CSCI has made considerable progress, with concrete results that could undoubtedly be boosted by increasing the available human and logistical resources in the organisation.