By Arnaud Langlois, Forus’ Advocacy intern 

For the past two years now, Forus has been holding a series of English, Spanish and French webinars dedicated to the presentation of the scoping study launched by Forus on the enabling environment, this has been feed thanks to the regular messages and inputs from Forus’ members. In the context of COVID-19 pandemic the enabling environment opens new dimensions. 

The purpose of the study is two-fold.  
1. To determine what the Forus platforms have done so far in the area of the enabling environment, what their experiences, failures and successes in this area have been.  
2. To determine what role Forus can play to support its members in this area. 

The study is coordinated by Shannon Kindornay, Director of Research, Policy and Practice, Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) Brian Tomlinson: Executive Director of AidWatch Canada, who has 40 years of experience with CCIC, particularly on enabling environment issues. Brian led the development of the literature review and will support the overall study, including the development of the online survey, the definition of results and the writing of the final report.  Ana de Oliveira, a researcher, at CCIC, will support by providing general and logistical support to the study, work in contact with Forus members and help finalize the report.  

 The Objectives of the study:  

  • To influence the future work and positioning of Forus on the issue of enabling environment, in particular by identifying what niche and added value Forus can offer in relation to other actors currently working on the issue of enabling environment.   
  • To identify the experiences and challenges of Forus members in relation to the enabling environment, what has worked and what has not worked so far. Indeed, the literature on this subject makes little mention of the role of platforms and coalitions on this issue, so the testimonies of Forus members will be a valuable help.    
  • Determine how Forus can support its members on this issue, in their needs and strategies.   
  • To bring out key recommendations to be widely disseminated in order to support global actions on the enabling environment. 

The study will focus its analysis around 3 main axes: (1) legal issues, (2) the quality and inclusiveness of policy dialogue and (3) actions in terms of CSO resources, capacities, networks and partnerships.

The study includes a review of the existing literature on the subject of the enabling environment, an online survey, in English French & Spanish, Interviews with members of Forus, coalitions and allies to obtain diverse views on the topic, 2 cases studies, which replace the country visits originally planned but cancelled following COVID-19. 

The findings of the study will lead to two reports: an internal report for Forus, which will contain information on platforms and coalitions to assist in the development of Forus, and an external report that can be widely disseminated to civil society, platforms, coalitions, donors and general public. The Dissemination of the results will also be done via a webinar, and at the General Assembly of Forus in Cambodia in late 2020 or early 2021 (depending on the situation of travel restrictions related to COVID-19).    

For more info, please contact:  
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