Civil society organizations have been actively involved in identifying or meeting their needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to bring these analyses together, Forus is launching a COVID-19 Taskforce, which will include along its regional coalitions and national platforms, to promote regular discussion, exchange and analysis of the wide-ranging impacts of this global pandemic in their national and regional contexts. 

This taskforce will collate information on the official responses to the pandemic of national governments and other key actors in different countries and regions of the world. National, regional and global trends in responding to the pandemic will be identified including good and bad practices, gaps and challenges. The COVID-19-related information gathered, and the analysis carried out will inform the network’s future advocacy, communications, capacity development, and fundraising work. 

The main objectives of the taskforce are:

I.     To develop an online space for Forus members to share information about and experiences of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in their countries.
II.    To promote regular peer exchange between Forus members and to facilitate an analysis of the wide-ranging impacts of the pandemic on their work and their effectiveness.
III.   To collate information on the official responses of governments, wider civil society, and other non-state actors to the pandemic.
IV.   To identify national, regional and global trends in official and unofficial responses to COVID-19, including best practices, gaps and challenges.
V.    To make recommendations about how the COVID-19 information and data shared by Forus members can inform the basis of Forus advocacy, communications, capacity- development and fundraising activities.
VI.   To develop and publish Forus briefing/position/policy papers based on the COVID 19 information and analysis shared by the network’s members.

In order to achieve these goals, Forus has already begun a network-wide COVID-19 survey to plan how it can best support its members during this time of great change and uncertainty and to inform future planning. This will enable the global network to plan clear and objective strategies regarding the impacts and future consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on civil society organization's. 

Forus is encouraging its members to share their published statements on the COVID-19 pandemic in order to amplify them within the global network. The network has also called on its members to share their experiences through creating short online videos to demonstrate the impacts of the pandemic on their activities.  

In conclusion, the new COVID 19 taskforce will assist Forus and its members to strategize about how their work can remain as effective as possible despite the many challenges presented by this global pandemic.