By ANONG, member of Forus in Uruguay.

Between 2018 and 2020, at ANONG we carried out the capacity development project “Strengthening organized civil society: towards more society, towards more rights”. It was a valuable opportunity, which allowed us to position ourselves as a benchmark platform in the Uruguayan social network.

The National Association of Development-Oriented Non-Governmental Organizations (ANONG) is a second-level platform that brings together almost 50 social organizations in Uruguay. These are dedicated to a wide diversity of topics: childhood, adolescence, education, work, gender, environment, habitat and housing, human rights, volunteering, accessibility and territorial development, to name a few. Since 1992, ANONG has sought to contribute, from our perspectives and experiences, to the development-oriented public policy process.

The project "Strengthening organized civil society: towards more society, towards more rights", which was supported by Forus, was an opportunity for our platform to strengthen both its capacities and that of the organizations that comprise it.  It consisted of four cycles, which addressed different themes that we consider a priority: the role of organizations in the implementation of the SDGs, their empowerment in public policy cycles, development of spokesperson capacities, and of monitoring, evaluation and enforcement of public policies. In these cycles, instances were held for discussion, training and elaboration of collective positions that allowed the development of a political and conceptual base, which could be applied to other areas of the platform's activity.

The project also made it possible to strengthen the internal management of ANONG, in two areas in particular: financial administrative management and communicational. In terms of the former, processes were updated and the organization's human capital was strengthened. In terms of the latter, the activities carried out by the platform were made visible to different stakeholders.

In its implementation, the project encountered different challenges.  ANONG continues to be an organization in consolidation and has limited resources to meet the political and managerial obligations it requires. Despite this, we were able to satisfactorily fulfill the proposed objectives, with results that we consider extremely valuable.

With the project completed, we can affirm that we found ANONG strengthened in its capacities, which was able to consolidate its collective actions and offer opportunities that lead to the improvement of the actions of the partner organizations and, above all, in the populations with which they work.

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