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written by Iara PIETRICOVSKY, Forus Chair

Forus, which represents an international network of NGO Platforms, bringing together 69 National Platforms and 7 Regional Coalitions, totalling more than 22,000 members worldwide, adds its voice to the public outcry regarding the allegations of rampant violence that have taken place in several countries in Latin America, most recently Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia. 

Decisions such as the establishment of the state of excess or disrespect for the democratic field seem to us to go against the necessary conduct for the resolution of internal political conflicts in any country. 

Forus expresses its repudiation towards  violent actions against the population and the political terrorism used as a practice against social movements and non-governmental organizations that democratically oppose governments. 

We express our solidarity with the people of these countries in their legitimate struggle for democratic affirmation, diverse existence, defence of their rights and justice. 

We recognize that there is a conflict in democracies around the world due to the institutional, economic and socio-environmental political instabilities to a worrying scale. 

The discrediting of existing democratic institutions in the region is due, among other issues, to the manipulation and exploitation of those who have economic and political power to the detriment of the welfare of the vast majority. Stark inequality is a phenomenon that crosses all countries and will not be resolved with more violence by totalitarianism and disregard of democratic rules. 

And that is why we see no other solution than further radicalization of participatory democracy, where citizens can redefine the social pacts necessary for justice and general and non-negotiable peace to prevail.