written by APURVA AJMANI (VANI), Forus Member in India 

The Civil 20 is a unique platform and is one of the many engagement groups utilized by Civil Society Organizations for feeding policy inputs into the G20. Indeed, the objective of the C20 is to galvanize the participation of Civil Society Organizations from across the world to interface with G20 presidencies and present their demands. 

Since 2011 C20 has been shadowing the G20 presidency and is organized on rotating basis in the host country. It is recognized that Civil Society is integral to the modern-day polity and with their experience in being directly involved with people at large is valuable for inclusive decision making and achieving policy coherence. G20 policy actions have far reaching ramifications across the world and the C20 presents itself as a voice of the common people in projecting long-standing aspirations, desires and experiences.

Similarly, it is a productive engagement strategy that is utilized to buttress G20’s efforts to find ways and means for the most pressing problems of the world. The emergence of Agenda 2030 and recognition by G20 to use the SDGs for achieving critical objectives pushes for an increased participation and partnership with Civil Society. 

In 2015, VANI carried an extensive analysis of four thematic areas which are pursued by the G20 Development Working Groups.  A series of consultations were also organized to nurture awareness and draw concrete linkages of issues from the Local to the Global Level. As India prepares itself to host the G20 in 2022, Indian Civil Society will be mobilizing itself to interact with the Government of India and submit recommendations which are hoped to be addressed under the Indian presidency of G20. This is especially important considering that it will be 8 years before the Agenda 2030 is fulfilled.  

While India still has time to hold its G20, it is highly critical that Indian CSO’s collectively come together for ironing out issues that need to go into the G20. It will also provide a starting point for Indian CSOs to prepare themselves for the 2022 G20. VANI will be holding the upcoming 2022 G20-C20. Secondly it is making efforts to mobilize Indian CSO community on extracting productive inputs for c20 by its workshops and campaigns. Thirdly, it has undertaken a research on C20 strategies on Indian CSOs and will be coming on an analysis on India’s G20 policy commitments by December 2019.