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Other priorities

Forus has permanent representation within the Civil Society Mechanism of the Food Security Committee of the FAO. The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) was established in 1974 as an intergovernmental body to serve as a forum to review and monitor food security policies. The CSM (Civil Society Mechanism) is the largest international mechanism for civil society organisations (CSOs) aimed at influencing policies and actions on agriculture, food security, and nutrition, at the national, regional and global levels.

Non-governmental diplomacy strategy (see below) was the framework in which FORUS, in its beginnings, was included in the debates on the creation of the CSM in collaboration with AGTER, UNITAS, CONGCOOP. We attended the first conferences of the CFS and CSM.

Forus contributed:

To the CFS / CSM process:

  1. On linking small-scale producers to markets: Contributing to collecting and transmitting information on market studies in Latin America, we are part of the CSM working group that informed the CSM negotiators at different moments of the debate. The text was presented to the 43 CFS, who approved it.
  2. We contributed to the discussions on the formulation of voluntary guidelines on responsible land governance, fisheries and forests in the context of national food security.
  3. We contributed with texts and arguments in the debates on creating the document on the principles for the responsible agricultural investment.

With written submissions and arguments to the debates on:

  • Trade and food security.
  • World hunger and crisis
  • Access to land and food security
  • The impact of agrofuels on the right to food

To general assessments:

The Civil Society Mechanism for nutritional food security

From now until 2019, the FAO will work on agro-agriculture and Forus will pursue its engagement supporting future projects & developments.

Previous work

Non-Governmental Diplomacy Exercises (NGDEs)

In 2011 Forus (IFP) launched the Non-Governmental Diplomacy Exercises (NGDEs), which comprised cross-regional working groups dedicated to advocacy on specific themes, covering seven key topics, with tangible outcomes. The 7 themes were: financing for development; prevention and conflict resolution; access to water and sanitation; fight against inequalities and exclusion; regulation of agricultural markets; climate change; enabling environment for CSOs. Following this three-year process, a document on systematic organisation was elaborated (available here), to build on the main activities and outlining the key achievements of each NGDE.