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Forus is an advocacy organisation seeking to play a significant and active role in international governance and negotiations. Forus’ work is complementary to the work of other groups and advocacy networks and therefore facilitates dialogue amongst its members and other key development actors, resulting in relevant and synergetic coalitions.

We believe that civil society has a crucial role to play in an interconnected world facing increasingly complex and global challenges. Civil society organisations (CSOs) work with people around the world in the public interest, so that citizens can exercise their rights and enjoy a better life. Through their active and extensive participation, NGOs can increasingly secure a voice in global governance, within which key development policies affecting the planet and its population are decided and driven. Forus supports National and Regional NGO Platforms to unite the voices of their members and helps them to be recognised as legitimate and credible partners at a global level.

A strong and organised NGO voice is more crucial than ever to influence the international community to take decisions benefiting the most excluded people across the globe. Forus is an efficient and proactive vehicle to articulate advocacy on civil society positions and strategies on the national, regional and international levels

We facilitate the participation of Forus members in international and regional relevant forums, to ensure that their voice is represented and heard on those occasions.

New policy issues and topics are identified by Forus members who are supported to develop working groups within Forus around specific areas of advocacy.

Forus aims to produce policy and advocacy based on national intelligence and analysis and to support regional platforms to promote and communicate the work undertaken by their national members.

Forus advocacy position papers reflect national evidence-based realities. Forus members at the national and regional level reinforce their credibility in their dialogue and engagement with national governments, regional & international organisations.