“ What Civil Society Organisations can do to create the enabling environment they need”  - Join us for a dynamic discussion on local and global strategies and the launch of the new Forus enabling environment study.

Forus is organising a much-needed conversation about how CSO networks, grassroots movements, the media, youth organisations and policy-makers can collaborate to create an enabling environment for civil society around the world. Speakers will include institutional actors, civil society organisations, activists, and media representatives. We will launch a new Forus study on the topic, created in partnership with Cooperation Canada and AidWatch. From Brazil to Indonesia, the authors and contributors to the study will answer questions and spark debates around the issue of an enabling environment and civic space.

Forus will take this opportunity to present its new "A Space for Us" podcast, on issues important to civil society - from gender to climate justice - with interviews to Forus members, activists and allies from around the globe.

Date and Time: Wednesday, January 27th, 2021
13:00 - 15:00 (GMT) (14:00 Paris, 10:00 Sao Paulo, 08:00 Washington, 08:00 Bogota, 14:00 Rabat)

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Please use this Zoom link to access our virtual event:


Part One:  Launching the Forus Study on Enabling Environment- global and national perspectives  (40 min)

Moderator: Oli Henman, A4SDG 


  • Brian Tomlinson, AidwatchCanada - Presenting the Scoping Study & its Recommendations 
  • Deirdre de Burca, Forus Advocacy Co-ordinator - The role of global networks in promoting an Enabling Environment for Civil Society 
  • Pedro Bocca, ABONG Brazil - Connecting national and global strategies to promote an EnablingEnvironment for CSOs

Q & A : 10 mins

Part Two How enabling are operating environments for civil society across different regions? (50 min)

Moderator: Peter Schmidt President of the Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment (NAT) at the EESC


  • Marlene Holzner, Head of Civil Society Unit DG INTPA European Commission - The role of EU Development CO-operation in promoting and Enabling Environment for Civil Society globally 
  • Flavia Colonese, European Youth Forum - Evaluating the operating environment for civil society &  youth networks in Europe 
  • Akmal Ali, PIANGO, Pacific Islands - Evaluating the operating environment for CSO networks in the Pacific Region 
  • Glenn Farred, SADC, Southern Africa - Evaluating the operating environment for civil society in Southern Africa 

Q & A : 10 mins

Part Three: Communicating & Campaigning for an enabling environment for civil society (30 min)

Moderator: Simona Martorelli, RAI, European Broadcasting Service


  • Bibbi Abruzzini, Forus International - Effective communication strategies for promoting an enabling environment for civil society globally 
  • Sara Brandt, Globalt Fokus, Denmark - Campaigning for effective CSO engagement with UN processes                 

Q & A :  10 mins