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The identification and the development of synergies with other CSOs has always been embedded in Forus’ approach. Our aim is to create the conditions to ensure strategic complementarity through working with existing actors, promoting the added value of each network and seeking the best ways of collaborating together in order to collectively better support the NGO community and wider civil society across the world.

Forus facilitates strategic alliances and exchange between its members and other relevant CSO networks to maximise synergies/effective coalitions, and to leverage Forus’ impact and potential. This also increases members’ access to information, projects and opportunities.

Civil society needs to join forces to ensure implementation, follow-up and monitoring of the Agenda 2030 and continue to build and strengthen political commitment to the implementation of the new global agenda at all levels.

Our regional and national members are already collaborating, with complementary networks such as environmental NGO coalitions, women’s organisations, trade unions, farmers organisations and capacity building networks in order to have a stronger collective impact.

Snapshots of our partnerships

Forus has established strategic partnerships with key global and regional capacity development and learning practitioners to implement high quality and innovative programmes. One of our main partners is the Community Development Resource Association (CDRA), which supports the development of local organisations and cooperation, empowering an inter-generational mix of community leaders and youth activists.

Action for Sustainable Development (A4SD)

Forus is one of four leading global civil society networks, alongside Climate Action Network (CAN) International, CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation, Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) and a number of regional, constituency and national networks which formed A4SD.

A4SD brings together citizens and civil society to inspire and commit all peoples to action, especially those who have been marginalised, and in order to collectively tackle the root causes of inequalities, injustice, human rights violations, poverty, environmental degradation and climate change.

Through enhanced analysis, information-sharing and collaborative strategy development, A4SD seeks to strengthen civil society engagement at all stages and levels during the implementation of key global agendas (such as Agenda 2030 and the Paris Climate Agreement). In order to add maximum value to collaborative efforts across civil society, A4SD helps to build capacity at the national level and amplify demands at the international level in a way that reflects the reality on the ground and where accelerated efforts are most urgently needed.