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LEARN MORE ABOUT THE Regional Coalitions

Forus’ legitimacy is rooted in its national and regional members, which are the driving force of the network.

Forus recognises the importance of strengthening national and regional actors while fostering a multi-level flow of information and knowledge from the national through the regional and on to the global level, and vice versa.

Forus is active on these different fronts as it boosts the capacity of development NGOs to interact with national governments and authorities while simultaneously providing knowledge, intelligence, support and solidarity across countries and regions.

Forus connects its members through the different working groups, learning and exchange workshops and forums, regional events and gatherings, its General Assembly and a variety of members’ meetings on the sidelines of international events.

Become a member

The Forus network is an umbrella organisation for 69 National NGO Platforms (NPF) and 7 Regional Coalitions (RC) from Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania, which together represent over 19 000 organisations.

If you are a National NGO Platform OR a Regional Coalition and wish to be part of our pioneering network, join us NOW!