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An innovative global network empowering civil society for effective social change

Forus, previously known as the International Forum of National NGO Platforms (IFP/FIP), is a vibrant global network of National NGO Platforms and Regional Coalitions making a major collective contribution to development, peace, democracy, sustainability and justice. Through active participation, we influence local and global negotiations while contributing to build a more united international community. Our goal is to promote a fair and sustainable world, where the most vulnerable populations have a voice, human rights are respected and inequalities and injustice are combatted.


Three main working areas are being targeted to achieve this transformative change:

Connect NGO Platforms and Regional Coalitions to build joint actions, learn from each other and fight for an enabling environment for civil society organisations

Support and develop the capacities of our members for more effective participation in decision-making processes, using the network’s collective intelligence and innovative approaches

Influence public policies together with our members, by engaging in official negotiations, deliberations and public mobilisations at national, regional and international levels

Our Vision

We envision a world where every National NGO Platform & Regional Coalition has a voice, the means and the knowledge to address power imbalance to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities and achieving social justice, peace and democracy throughout the world.

Our membership worldwide

69 National NGO Platforms and 7 Regional Coalitions representing more than 22 000 NGOs around the world from Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Pacific.

Forus is the only permanent network (as opposed to time-bound alliances) grouping both national and regional development NGO platforms, where Southern and Northern countries from all over the globe enjoy equitable representation and equal influence in all processes and in the governance of the organisation.

Forus promotes:
  • The defense of human rights
  • The elimination of any form of exclusion
  • The eradication of poverty
  • The fight against inequalities and injustice
  • The promotion of sustainable development
  • An enabling environment for civil society

Download our Charter of Values

2021-2025 Strategy English|French|Spanish|Portuguese
Annual report 2019 English|French|Spanish
Annual report 2018 English|French|Spanish
A brief history

The International Forum of National NGO Platforms (IFP/FIP), the former name of Forus until mid-2018, was created in 2008 at an international conference in Paris as the umbrella organisation for National NGO Platforms and Regional Coalitions from 82 countries and 5 continents. Its mission was to enable learning and mutual support among its members, while broadening civil society’s scope to participate in global debates and defend its vision of an equitable world. National platforms from all five continents started their collaborative work and global advocacy to give the most vulnerable populations a voice and to fight inequalities and injustice.

Starting as an informal network, IFP(Forus) became a globally structured network at its First General Assembly (GA) in Dakar in 2011. 2015 was a landmark year for strengthening its global network, particularly with the organisation of the 2nd GA, the adoption of its 2016-2020 Strategy, the decision to establish itself as an institution by creating a legal structure in France and the launch of a political and financial partnership with the European Commission, its ambition being always to play a pioneering role, including in developing the capacity of NGO platforms as well as monitoring and implementing the Agenda 2030.

In 2018, IFP became Forus. This new name is more inclusive and was chosen as more memorable and reflecting better Forus’ and its members’ mission and ambition. Forus conveys the idea of connexion between our members, the sharing of knowledge and values. We are the bridge between them, between us and the world outside. Forus is the Latin name for (type of bridge)- it connects us to the world. It also means honeycomb- all of us, Forus and its members, are indissolubly connected. We are part of something bigger that works only if we collaborate. Forus also comes from the word forum, part of its previous name (IFP). Lastly, it says “For Us”, a family, sharing the same values and combats. Our actions serve our members, the people, the entire world.