Iara Pietricovsky, President of Forus

We are living through difficult times. On the one hand, a world facing the onslaught of an authoritarian and fascist political system (non-politics) and on the other, an increasingly neo-liberal and totalitarian economy that concentrates wealth and produces homogeneity. Let alone the imminent danger posed by the consequences of global warming.

In light of this worrying scenario, the role of Forus is, first and foremost, to hammer out the principles inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; the Agreements of the 2030 Agenda and that on Biodiversity and Climate. Its role is also to promote a positive international agenda in addition to those produced by the United Nations (UN) and seek to solve the enigma of power in the modern world.

Forus, therefore, intends to contribute towards another approach to politics in order to transform it into a real space for the construction of values, ethics and the right of opposition, in which disagreement contributes towards democracy.The kind of democracy we want must embrace and value diversity, participation, equality, freedom to choose how to live, and freedom of movement. Let us not withdraw into voluntary servitude under the influence of excessive fear of a real world where there is violence and exclusion, and which renders us immobile.

The role of Forus is also to seek an inclusive and global language of communication where each and everyone feels recognised in their uniqueness. Forus aims to fight against the new forms of domination emerging from social media and new communication technologies, for example against what is now referred to as the “firehosing” phenomenon with the mass use of “fake news”, which represents a real risk to democracies.

Keeping in contact with our bases (civil society organisations and representatives) is another challenge for Forus.  This means meeting up, face to face, thanks to our training initiatives and direct exchanges with our stakeholders; it means remaining connected in order to create strong ties and take care of each other.

It is equally important to develop the Forus Global Initiative further, which seeks to be one of our means of counteracting a worldwide trend, by fostering a favourable international climate for global citizenship, both politically and in terms of funding.

Below, watch the video of our President, Iara Pietricovsky, who presents our network and the major challenges of civil society. Do not hesitate to spread it widely!