DATE: June 17, 2020 

2pm to 4pm CEST; 1pm to 3pm DST; 8am to 10am EDT; 5:30pm to 7:30pm IST
Organised by: Bond, CIVICUS, CONCORD Europe, Forus International, ICSC, Climate Action Network, ICVA, InterAction, NEAR, VANI (networks of civil society organisations).

The current challenges and opportunities brought by the COVID-19 pandemic call for a conversation over the transformations we want to see in society, and in the humanitarian, social justice, and environmental sectors.

We are holding a two hour workshop to explore this conversation with a group of leaders of civil society networks and platforms. This builds on a short discussion document where leaders from a range of different sectors and backgrounds have shared their observations and thoughts, identifying possible directions that civil society organisations may want to go.

We will start with a series of provocations from the authors of the discussion document or from leaders of other platforms. These short insights will highlight the imperatives for change, given the current crisis and where we might be able to build from the COVID-19 pandemic to re-energise the demands of civil society organisations to put people at the heart of the changes we need: to protect the planet from degradation, to ensure that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives, that economic, social and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature and fosters peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

More details and registration here